Saturday, July 05, 2008

Stone Temple Pilots Concert

We saw STP at Red Rocks on July 2.

What can I say but that this concert ROCKED. HARD. 6th row in a spectacular venue. Red Rocks is an outdoor amphitheater in the mountains above Denver.

STP has been around awhile so all ages were represented. (I had a right to be there, in other words.) Reserved seats but everyone stood the entire performance, which became a bit of a problem in our section- we were like a magnet for all the trippin' weirdos who kept trying to crowd in on our row. Literally, people came and stood right in front of us (Hello stoners!) so a bit of yelling and pushing ensued but it worked out. Scott Weiland is quite the performer, writhing around the stage, and the two guitar playing brothers are pros. (Loved the white buck shoes on the bass guy) They played all the favs- opening with Big Empty, and ending with Dead and Bloated (not a very nice song is it but damn is it good). Wish they had played longer- 1 1/2 hour only- but my voice was getting hoarse from all the screaming/singing/woohooing so it's probably good that they didn't. I think they quit early because some jackass threw a bottle on the stage and then some guy tried to rush the stage and the bouncers had to wrestle him off. I don't get that. Why would a guy try to get on stage. I can understand a girl throwing herself on Scott Weiland, but a guy? Whatever.

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