Monday, July 02, 2007

New York City

We had a great time in NYC- a place like no other. Seriously, I don't see how people can live there but it's fun to visit. After all my years of reading about places in NY ( it's the setting of so many books I read) it was a thrill to finally see it. Greenwich village, Soho, Times Square, Central Park...pretty much like I imagined. Except a lot more dirty- Ew! Trash in the street, toilets overflowing, grime on the buildings, foul smells- really, a polluted city. My face, at the end of the day was covered with a film of yuckiness.
My favorite things: Seeing the musical 'Rent', the Mets game- crazy NY fans all foul-mouthed and rude, 'appearing' on the Today show, our dragqueen bus tour guide, eating NY pizza in the village, watching Ellis be a weatherman at the NBC studios, our death-defying taxi ride from the airport.
The picture is of the 3 of us(me, on the right) on the tour bus. Could not have been more touristy but it was perfect. Glad I had my hat- burning hot.


Blogger Karen Beth said...

I {{{HEART}}} NYC! I love it there and COULD imagine living there. I think it would be amazing! I've been many many times but have never been inside Central Park; crazy, I know. I'm glad you went and had a nice time.

8:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Pam,

I was looking at your paintings (because I plan to order one off Etsy) and I happened on this post. Love the photo! I lived in NYC for 15 years. What visitors don't understand is that most of the places you visit aren't where we live. I was on the Upper West Side off Central Park - it was a real neighborhood-y, residential with lots of green space and sunshine, not skyscrapers like what you see in "Midtown." We have an apartment in the West Village still, and the double decker buses drive past it. We always wonder what they think. When you live in the city you don't even notice the garbage and smells, it is such an amazing energy to be a part of! Now we're in the rural countryside of CT. That's nice, too. Keep up with your beautiful paintings! -Jennifer (Horton) Bennhoff

6:48 PM  

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