Tuesday, July 03, 2007

NYC Diary

Saturday- Times Square, Rockefeller Plaza, psychic hat man, Planet Hollywood (but fun!)
Sunday- Subway fiasco, Central Park, Tavern on the Green, free concert, Tiffanys, NY style pizza, HA Comedy Club.
Monday- Stage Door Deli Breakfast, Rachelle arrives, Macys, Times Square again, Top of the Rock, Mets Game, train fiasco- Flushing!
Tuesday- Today Show (our .15 minutes of fame), tour NBC Studios, Bus tour, drag-queen, Ground Zero, SouthWest for lunch, Battery Park, Italian, Rent on Broadway.
Wednesday- Bus uptown, Harlem (aaaaahh!!) Apollo Theater, The Met, power outage (oblivious) , taxi down to Greenwich, Johnny's Pizzeria on Bleeker St., walk back to midtown!, H&M, caught in downpor.
Thursday- Bus downtown again, Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, Ferry, Dinner at Ta Ner Nog (Something like that)- Irish Pub, drinks.

Monday, July 02, 2007

New York City

We had a great time in NYC- a place like no other. Seriously, I don't see how people can live there but it's fun to visit. After all my years of reading about places in NY ( it's the setting of so many books I read) it was a thrill to finally see it. Greenwich village, Soho, Times Square, Central Park...pretty much like I imagined. Except a lot more dirty- Ew! Trash in the street, toilets overflowing, grime on the buildings, foul smells- really, a polluted city. My face, at the end of the day was covered with a film of yuckiness.
My favorite things: Seeing the musical 'Rent', the Mets game- crazy NY fans all foul-mouthed and rude, 'appearing' on the Today show, our dragqueen bus tour guide, eating NY pizza in the village, watching Ellis be a weatherman at the NBC studios, our death-defying taxi ride from the airport.
The picture is of the 3 of us(me, on the right) on the tour bus. Could not have been more touristy but it was perfect. Glad I had my hat- burning hot.
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