Friday, November 14, 2008

Teaching Adult ESL

Even if I'm going into the class feeling tired or depressed or unwell or distracted, I come out feeling revived and accomplished.

Teaching ESL to adults is real teaching. You have students who are- the all important word here- MOTIVATED. They have a driving need to learn- it's called survival. And it's not just the language you're teaching- it's the culture and community, it's really the whole person you're addressing so the class becomes tightknit and like family.

And there's no grades. The most I've ever had to do is decide pass or repeat a level. Tests are given at certain points and that's it. I've taught in all different programs too- Adult ed, private international schools, private tutoring, college programs... never any grades.

I love the freedom. So many resources and approaches to teaching ESL. Grammar books, games, computers, realia,....I've compiled tons of material to use. I can be as creative as I want- as long as they are learning.


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